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Facial rejuvenation dentures are designed and used to counteract the effects of aging and bone loss. These dentures are structured to restore youthful proportions to the face and provide extra support for the lips and cheeks. Facial rejuvenation dentures are fabricated using a neuromuscular approach that can be an effective solution to some common denture issues.

When you get facial rejuvenation dentures, your dental team will perform a series of measurements. They will measure your muscles when your mouth is at rest and then they will measure it again when they will stimulate your jaw muscles. This way they can ensure that the dentures will fit well and function properly.

Facial rejuvenation dentures are designed to create dentures that work in harmony with your body if you decide that implant supported dentures are right for you. These dentures keep the jaw joints in proper alignment, which keeps the joints, muscles, and nerves healthy and can prevent pain.


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